ParaNorman and Bullying

Last year, I won a livejournal contest for my journal on bullying. I thought I should revisit the subject a bit and the connection I felt when I saw the film ParaNorman. I probably should have wrote this back in August when I first saw the film. Since it's been over two months since then, my memory of it is probably a little fuzzy. Also if you haven't seen the film and want to avoid spoilers I suggest you stop reading now.

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You really don't have a clue do you? When you starting insulting people for complaining about sexual harassment because "they should have expected it," you are victim blaming. Calling a girl an "idiot" and "whiny" because she didn't expect someone to take photos of her ass, is putting the blame on her. She has a right to complain about it because it's 100% the creepers fault, it's in no way hers because she wasn't expecting that sort of thing.

This is the sort of attitude people in charge often use as an excuse not to do their jobs and take action against harassment. When I was being harassed at Target my supervisors pretty much said "Well, you told him about your disability so you should have expected harassment." His harassment included trying to trigger me into having seizures and the last person to do that to me was in freshman year of high school. Excuse me for thinking people over 20 would be mature enough not to do that.

Then you say "I'm sorry for the harassment you received at your workplace," and then use the word "retarded" in the next sentence. So, his ableism is bad but your ableism is okay?! Don't try to pretend you didn't know that the "R" word is offensive because grade school kids are taught that. Also don't try to paint me as whiny and over-sensitive for calling you out on it.

As someone else pointed out, it's one thing to tell people to be wary, it's another to tell them to expect it and that they can't complain about. If it's okay for you to share stories of people being rude to you over your cosplays, it's okay for people to share stories of sexual harassment over theirs. Really, I've seen you being more "whiny" sharing those stories than the girl you called an idiot for not expecting ass shots. Go to 4chan, your attitude is just what they like over there. That shit doesn't fly over at

EDIT: More *HEADDESK* so you have realized you were wrong but instead of just admitting that and apologizing, you just try to pretend you didn't say any of the shit you did. Man, your head is stuck really far up your ass.
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Dear Guy who thinks doing a Nazi Germany cosplay is a good idea.

You're seriously pissing me off. You are coming off as a real life troll. The girl who set up the Hetalia photoshoots made it very clear that swastikas were not allowed. She wasn't even allowing flags at the photoshoots which I thought was a little too far but I still followed that rule. If you really wanted to wear it you should have set up a separate photoshoot like you said you were going to do. You and her had a very long discussion online and you knew that if you didn't remove your swastikas you would be asked to leave. Showing up uncensored and saying "we got the right people's attention" makes it sound like you were trying to start a fight with her. She had a very good reason for not allowing Nazi insignia in the photoshoots, she wanted to avoid another Anime Boston type incident as she would be blamed for such a thing. In that case, the girl who ran the photoshoot was blamed for the people's momentary behavior when she didn't even see it. There were so many people there she couldn't keep her eyes on everybody.

I hate that you are trying to play the victim and saying that these girls were bullying you. They set rules and upheld them, you were under no obligation to attend the photoshoot so if you didn't like you didn't have to attend. Also if you dress up as a Nazi, you should expect backlash. Might not always be fair but that's how life is. Don't go saying that you're "celebrating your German heritage." If you want to celebrate your heritage, then do something Germans are actually proud of. Seriously, no one hates Nazis more than the Germans. You say you're also Italian and that no one has a problem with you celebrating that part of your heritage. Well, did you go around praising Mussolini? Because I was just in Italy a few months ago and I got the impression that Italians hate Mussolini just as much as Germans hate Hitler.

Also don't say you're a "real Hetalia fan" by doing this. Just because some swastika flags were in the background of a few of the comic strips doesn't mean we have to accept your cosplay. It's not accurate to the source material as Germany's character was created to distance him from Nazis. While most of the uniforms in the series are historically accurate, the creator felt that it was better to sacrifice accuracy for the sake of being sensitive in the case of Germany's WWII uniform. Really all you are doing is hurting the fandom's reputation which has been pretty bad for awhile.

Someone else is holding the Hetalia photoshoots at next year's ACEN. Your posts seem like your harassing her into letting you wear your Nazi cosplay to the photoshoot. She hasn't set any rules yet as it's a long way off but I really hope she doesn't let you. Go set up your "historically accurate Hetalia/historical reenactors" photoshoot you talked about last year, if you want to wear it to a photoshoot so badly. Seeing as everyone else's behavior at the photoshoots this year was good, we really don't want you there hurting our reputation.

Toni's Lolita Wardrobe 2012

I've been a longtime admirer of Lolita fashion but it wasn't until last June that I took the plunge and started buying it. Even though it's only been a few months, I've built up quite a collection. I don't own any brand at this time but I hope to one day. I'm just waiting for the right dress.

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Example on How to Not Attract Customers

I wanted to share this amusing gem of a bad commissioner. In this case, he ruined things before anything was set up. I'm planning to do a cosplay of American McGee's Alice. The company makes an official replica of the blade she uses in the game. Problem is that it's made of steel so it wouldn't be allowed inside a con. So I make a short gripe about it in a thread titled "Cosplay Pet Peeves" on I later receive a PM from a user saying he is willing to make the blade for me. I decide to think about this for a little while before replying.

Meanwhile in the same thread someone tells a story of a Vocaloid cosplayer getting tackled by an excited fan or GLOMPed as it's called in con lingo. This guy was apparently quite scared about the incident. Then the commissioner, Jordy_the_Jew, saying he should have expected it because Vocaloid cosplays are "skanky" and therefore are asking for it. I personally never really understood what Vocaloids was but of all the cosplays I've seen of it, none are "skanky" also Jordy seemed to have gotten confused on the person's gender but I'll put that aside for now. Other people called him out on his victim blaming.

So he erupts on one person with this:

Yeah, great way to attract customers. Anime/manga makes up a large part of cosplay and insulting all those who do them will scare off those people and really hurt your business. Granted this cosplay is of a video game but most of my cosplays are anime. He was aware of this as my avatar on the site is a photo of me in a Pikachu costume. Now this comment wasn't directed at me but I did also call out his victim blaming and he made purpose not to reply to my message there. I can only assume he did so because he wanted my business so was trying not to insult me directly. He was banned from the site a few hours later as you can see in the screenshot.

While on the topic of cosplay commissioners. I recently had someone make Alois's kimono from Black Butler. I was just notified that it has been shipped. I'll be doing a review of this commissioner when it arrives.

The Hetalia Fandom isn't THAT Bad

Ok I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about the "crazy Hetalia fandom" lately and I've had enough. Really this can apply to any fandom with a bad reputation but since I've been seeing toward Hetalia lately I'm going to focus on that. Seriously, many of the stories that get passed around are either so far-fetched to begin with that I have to question its validity or has gotten exaggerated so much that they barely resemble the actual event.

For example, at Anime Boston 2010 a few cosplayers did a Nazi salute at the photo shoot. They were called out on their behavior immediately and they quickly apologized. This happened to be Passover weekend and a Holocaust museum was nearby but the people who did the salute didn't know that. This is what actually happened. I've seen people greatly exaggerate this story into saying it was a large group (really it was only like 5) and that they marched to the Holocaust museum and did the salute. Also the apology is completely ignored. They did apologize on the con's forums after the picture hit the internet.

Not that I condone these actions but I'm able to forgive them. It sounds like it was really a momentary lapse in judgment which we all have. I also think it should be noted the "Nazi salute" existed long before the Nazi party. It was created by the Romans and has been used in many different societies. Even the U.S. saluted their flag that way before the Nazis adopted it. So I think we shouldn't automatically associate the salute with Nazis.

In my experience, the fandom has been great. I made many friends through cosplaying Hetalia. Plus we accept each other's ships which in other fandoms I've been in that has been a huge problem. In the Harry Potter fandom, I've been insulted and even threatened because I disliked the Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny pairings. I have seen some FrUk shippers online get a little carried away but for the most part things are pretty civil.

The thing is people who believe the Hetalia fandom is crazy seem to find anything to complain about. If they don't see someone at the con doing anything too out of the ordinary they try to make the simplest things into terrible crimes. Like "OMG, they're carrying a large flag." I don't see the problem here. I use small flags simply because I don't want to carry a large pole all day but that's a personal preference. Although, I'm not big on flag etiquette. To me, flags are just pieces of fabric but I still practice basic flag etiquette because I don't want anyone chewing me out on it. But yeah I've seen people not complaining about flags being desecrated but people having them period. I also someone saying we're crazy because he saw some yelling. Yelling is sometimes necessary at cons. You get a bunch of people in one area things get noisy and yelling is the only way to get people to hear you.

I also get sick and tired of people saying I'm just "lucky" to not have bad experiences with the fandom. I find this quite condescending as it's basically saying "You're experience was positive therefore doesn't count." This sort of relates to a trend I see all kinds of people do. They focus so much on the negative and never pay attention to the positive even when the latter outweighs the former. I've also seen people tell me "it's up to you to prove not all Hetalia fans are like that." As I mentioned earlier, these people complain about everything so no matter how sane I act they'll find something to use to prove I'm "one of those fans." These people are so set in their minds they can't open their eyes and look for positives.

Children's Day Hungary

I've been wanting to do this cosplay forever. I actually would start a piece and leave it unfinished for a long time while I worked on other projects. I decided I wanted to wear this for Hetalia Day so I buckled down and got it done. My wig ended up arriving the same day the costume got finished.

Skirt: Simplicity 5403
Vest: Simplicity 4079 (E but I skipped the welts)

Bought Pieces:
Blouse: FanplusFriend
Boots: Wet Seal (I also use them for Finland)
Flower: Claire's
Wig: wigfever on ebay



What I'm unsure about is make up. What color eyeshadow should I use?

Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )

I've had tons of bullies in my life so really I can't choose one. So I'll talk about some notable cases.

1. Robbie, he did it because he knew no one would take it seriously. My school district was small so middle and high school students shared the bus. I moved to this district in-between 8th and 9th grade, so I didn't really know anyone. As a freshman I would ride the bus home. Robbie was a 6th grader who decided to start picking on me. At first it was just name-calling which I ignored. As that wasn't getting him attention he moved up to making violent threats, even going so far as saying he would kill me. I was in a total no-win situation. I tried to report his behavior but the driver really didn't care and since he was in the middle school my administration wouldn't even look into it. Plus they were like "You can't defend yourself against a 6th grader, pathetic."

Well, let's say I did fight back, then I'm the ass picking on a little kid. As I was three years older I was a lot taller and stronger than him so yeah if it came down to a psychical fight I'd win but discipline would be harsh on me and non-existent on him. There was also a possibility he had some sort of weapon to use if he decided to carry out his threats. It was especially scary as he lived only two houses down from me. My parents started driving me to and from school after this point. Robbie moved away a few months later but I still avoided the bus.

2. Alex. Boy, do I hate this guy. When I moved to the district this guy was actually kind of nice to me and called me his friend. Then a few weeks later he starts "teasing" me and I got upset. He apologized and I forgave him, only for him to repeat said behavior the next day. After forgiving him a few times I gave up as he was never going to learn not to "tease" me. From then on, we were mortal enemies. I couldn't even walk past him without him insulting me. Meanwhile the administration did nothing even saying I was asking for it by walking past him. What really gets me is you would think he'd try to be a little civil towards me as he was on the football team and my dad was the coach. He did have some talks with Alex but it never really changed his behavior.

Some of his friends claimed he had a crush on me. Apparently he went with the grade school approach. But I have my doubts on whether or not that was true. At least karma got to him. After graduating he got into a lot of trouble with the law. Last I heard he was arrested for dealing drugs.

3. Mike. The worst bully I've had post-high school. I've mentioned him in past journals, he was a co-worker of mine at Target. For 4 years we worked together barely saying anything to each other. I have a disability that makes me sensitive to loud noises. One day he and another guy are going "WHOA!!!!" really loud and I ask them to be quiet due to my disability. While the other guy had no issue and just shut his mouth, Mike saying "That's not my problem." He later calls me a bitch and said I was "infringing on his America freedoms." I reported him and left early that day because I was so upset. While my supervisors were on my side the first time, Mike was continually was loud around me and would behave the same way every time I asked him to quiet down. He would do this right in front of my supervisors and they started blaming me. They also accused me of making my disability up. The situation went on for several months until I couldn't take it anymore and quit.